Friday, February 4, 2011

Creating Classic Smoky Eyes

You’ll need 4 eyeshadow shades:
  • platinum (white silver)
  • silver (gray silver)
  • charcoal (dark gray)
  • black
  1. Swipe the platinum shade under the brow and to inner corners to brighten.
  2. Brush the charcoal shade on your lid, crease, and lower lashline (not quite to the inner corners).
  3. Dab the silver shade to the center of the lid to make your eyes appear larger.
  4. Apply the black shade to the upper lashline just at the outer corners and into the crease.
  5. With a small or medium eyeshadow brush, blend the shadows outward and upward.
  6. Thinly run black liner across upper lashline. For a more dramatic look, line your inner (bottom) lashline and inside corners.
  7. Apply two coats of black mascara to top and bottom lashes.

For a soft and natural look, finish with a peachy rose color on lips and cheeks. For a more intense look, finish with pale pinks to make the eyes really stand out!

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