Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Review: Philosophy

Philosophy has great quality products, but there are a couple I wouldn’t buy again.  One thing is always true, their customer service representatives are always super kind and helpful anytime I place an order!  They usually have a gift with purchase, which is always nice!   

The Color of Grace Amazing Grace Coloring Book
This angelic, light pink palette has lipglosses, cheek colors, eyeshadows and an illuminator. All good! Especially the lipglosses, mine are almost gone! They look pretty in the package, and even better than you expect on the lips!
Hope in a Jar
original formula moisturizer for all skin types
I had higher expectations, based on all its great reviews. Feels good going on, provides instant moisture, but I didn’t notice a difference in fine lines. I think it smells good, but some clients do not like the smell.
Hope in a Tube
high density eye and lip firming cream
I don’t notice a difference in the fine lines around my eyes. I only use it at night, as it makes my skin extremely shiny where applied. I couldn’t imagine putting makeup over it, as the tube says you can.
Hope Springs Eternal
deep sea ultra-fine hydrating mist
Spray is convenient, refreshing, feels great in the summertime! (Try putting in the fridge!) Smells like lime! Very light, I recommend a lotion if you want more moisture.
The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
micro-massage exfoliating wash
I was never one to exfoliate, but now I am, this stuff is the best! Feels amazing when washing your face, and skin feels so good and clean afterwards! I use it every other day, but it can be used daily. Smells clean! Clients love it too! Use with a sea sponge for super exfoliation!
Never Let Them See You Shine
oil and shine control velvet touch primer
This anti-shine primer is OK, it doesn’t really prevent shine. Feels oily when I put it on, takes a couple minutes to dry. You can really smell the lavender oil. Don’t notice much difference in oil control on clients either.
The Present
clear makeup
This intrigued me, “clear makeup”!? Basically it’s good for people with uneven skin surface (scars, large pores, etc.). As it dries you can feel skin tighten a little. Good primer! Makeup adheres well. Can use by itself.
Purity Made Simple
high-foaming daily cleanser
I like this better than regular “Purity”. I have oily skin, so this foamy cleanser feels great. I alternate this with “Microdelivery” every other day. Only need about 2-3 pumps per wash! Smells great!
Purity Made Simple
one-step facial cleanser
This might be better for people with dry skin, too creamy for me. I felt like I had to keep rinsing my face after washing. Smells great!
The Supernatural
poreless, flawless spf 15 tinted primer
My sister, who has sensitive skin and hardly wears makeup, loves this! A little dark for her (she has super light skin), so we were going to try “Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer” (because they have a wide range of colors), but she didn’t like “Hope in a Jar”. Since they are basically the same product, but one is tinted, we didn’t try it. We just mix “Supernatural” with her regular moisturizer to lighten it up.
The Supernatural Coloring Book
This earth-toned, natural palette has everything the “Grace” palette has, but a cream blush instead of illuminator. The “Reflect a Little” (a shimmery nude peach) lipgloss is my favorite! Looks awesome on everyone!
Think Big Mascara
Decent volumizing mascara, gets a little clumpy. I don’t like the mascara wand. There are a lot of bristles and they’re so close together, I don’t feel like they grab my lashes hardly at all. When I use it with a disposable mascara wand, I like it much better.

I’ve also tried a variety of their body washes, and I like those!  Philosophy’s scents are great!  Light and pretty!  I also like their hand wash.  Rating for body and hand washes:  ***