Monday, April 4, 2011

Wearing Makeup If You Wear Eyeglasses

Let’s “focus” on the eyes! Eyeglasses naturally draw attention to your eyes. So the goal is clean, defined eyes, as glasses can magnify and/or blur your eye area.

With no makeup on, put on your glasses. Do they make your eyes look bigger or smaller than they actually are?

  • If your glasses make your eyes look a little bit smaller, let’s make them look bigger!
  1. Use a highlight shade (such as a light white, cream or pink) on the inside corners of the eye and under the brows.
  2. Apply a mid-tone shade (like a medium brown) to the outside corners and a little bit up into the crease.
  3. Apply mascara with a “lengthening” motion: one forward motion from the root to the ends. Just 1 coat will define the eyes.
  • If they make your eyes look bigger, let's play them down a bit!
  1. Use a muted highlight shade (maybe soft peach or nude) under the brows.
  2. Sweep a smoky gray or brown eyeshadow over the entire lid and a little up into the crease.
  3. Apply 1 or 2 coats of mascara with a “thickening” motion: zig-zag motion from root to the ends.
In any "case":
  • Apply eye cream or moisturizer to soften any fine lines.
  • Use a magnifying mirror when putting on your makeup so you can see!
  • Shape and maintain your eyebrows!
  • Curl your lashes so they don’t touch the lenses. (Curled lashes are always good!)
  • Use black or brown eyeliner for definition.
  • Try water-resistant and long- wearing eye makeup so it doesn’t smudge!

For your face and lips: Try soft shades for bold frames, brighter shades for delicate frames. Neutrals always work!

Watch my video here:

What are your tips for wearing makeup with eyeglasses?

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